Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sav and Stav win a contest

Once upon a time, Sav and Stav were planning their wedding. (This is the part normally left out of fairy tales.) They discovered that such a party is expensive, and that in order to create a magical experience they would have to plan.. A lot.

They planned and planned, and scavenged and shopped. They took favors and tips and borrowed and bought. As time carried on, much longer than they thought, they realized that really they only wanted to tie the knot.

And so one day, as Sav skimmed the web, she found a contest the could help the pair wed in a fashionable, organized, once unfathomable way, and so they signed up and were finalists in a few days.

They campaigned for votes on Facebook and Twitter. They asked all their friends via digital transmitters, and Sav tried to relax, but the competitor in her got her riled and antsy, hoping to be the winner.

Finally Friday came, and with it the contest's end. Sav hardly slept the night before, voting even as she dreamt. At daybreak she said "It's Friday!" and out of bed she jumped and found a email in her box that said, "Hooray, You've won!"

We couldn't be more grateful for the votes and support. We are sooooo excited to get working with DandyLion Events! It's just who we wanted. Also, Kate Crafton's work is absolutely amazing- check them out here and here!

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