Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sav and Stav buy a vacuum cleaner

Once upon a time, Sav and Stav moved into a new house. Because of a strange twist of fate, they were put in a house much larger than that to which they were accustomed, and at a price much smaller than expected. The house needed care, cleaning, and updates, and so they set to work.

In the house, they found three vacuum cleaners.
The biggest vacuum cleaner was loud and clunky; it scuffed the floors and smelled quite funky. The smallest vacuum cleaner was swift, but dusty, the brushes wouldn't spin and the wheels were rusty. The middle vacuum cleaner seemed just right, not too big, too little or too light. They got it started, and with clean desire,the thrid vacuum sparked and then caught fire.

I spent the beginning of this snow day researching vacuums online. I found one for under 100 dollars that had consumers singing its praises. The fact that it was called the "Ultralight Never Loses Suction Multi Vacuum" had me a little worried- isn't a vacuum something where brand names may actually matter? But with a little searching on the ad, the name "Shark" appeared more than once. No, it's not Bissle or Orek, but supposedly it'll do the trick.

Upon tracking the "Ultralight Never Loses Suction Multi Vacuum" down in the store (in the hand-held Dirt Devil section- bad sign?) I found that the mouth of this thing was pretty small. Many people had said, though, that this was a good feature; it allowed for corners to be cleaned and under couches to be swept. It has a removable canister for cleaning corners and dusting, and it's classified as lightweight. It's not a cordless and the suction is supposedly created in a different way than the normal vacuum- we'll see if this thing lives up to the hype. I bought it, but not without questioning myself. There were other lightweight vacuums that just looked more legit. I had even put the Eureka Lightweight version in my basket before swapping it out to go with my original plan.

I can't wait to try this thing out. You cannot possibly imagine what it's like for a more-than-moderately neat person to go so long without a working vacuum.

I've got a feelin' that tonight's gonna be a good night...

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