Friday, January 29, 2010

Sav and Stav take on the snow day!

Since I work in a public school, I knew last night when Metro Nashville canceled all classes that I'd most likely not have to work today. Brian's job in internet marketing for a Honda dealer in town is not usually as flexible. Today, however, the sleet began at around 8:30. At 9:15, it became a blizzard and by the time Stav got to the main road he knew it would be foolish to make the 30 minute drive into work.

So here we are, on the couch, browsing Netflix and free game trials for X-Box. We're singing Snow Patrol songs (why wouldn't we?) and talking about making hot chocolate thought neither of us have gotten that far. I did have to work for a few minutes this morning, but after an hour of canceling appointments I'm done for the day and we are going to enjoy it.

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