Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sav and Stav are still in Tallahassee

Objects in motion stay in motion, and sometimes they get to moving so fast that looking behind them makes them nauseous.

I keep forgetting there is anything behind me.

A forgotten blog is like a time capsule, reminding me what life was like before work was everything.

Work is everything now, by the way.

I can honestly say that this is the best fit for my life that I have found. Graduate school took some getting used to. I had to learn how to read, and how to know what not to read, and how to write papers, and when it wasn't okay to B.S. papers, and how important work ethic really is.

Work ethic is everything, by the way.

And I just read about how I felt about Brian when we had been together for two and half years. Now, after five and half years I am surprised at how much we are the same, and by which things are different.

We have continued to grow up together, like I said we would.
We talk about everything, and we fight better now (and less) than ever.
We are independent. We still do our own things. Some say that's a fault that will drive us apart. So far, it has kept us sane pulled us together.
We are less romantic and ten thousand times more romantic than we were when we made our fairy-tale move.

So understanding that I may not write again for another 2.5 years, I'd like to set some intentions, and see how they follow through for the next time I pop open this time capsule:

 To stay artistic. Make art. See art.
To not forget that part of a great work ethic is a commitment to play.
To remember that that means balance.
To remember that luxury is excess and saving is always key, 
no matter how much money we make.
To take vacations together.
To take vacations with friends.
To keep climbing.
To keep bending.
To keep learning how to love.

Who knows where we'll be after the next 2.5 years...

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